Esteban Rodríguez Betancourt

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Open source libraries

Here are some open source projects I currently have:


BashQL is a set of tools written in Google Go that lets you build queries against CSV files. Instead of creating a big program, with a lot of options, BashQL consist in a set of small programs that, following the UNIX philosophy, do one and only one thing, and do it well. The programs works like filters, that receive the standard output from the last program. Because of that, they can be used easily with other UNIX programs, like cat, wc, Bash scripts, etc.

It was written for the course of Advanced UNIX Programing, taught at UCR in 2014.

Install it using:

$ go get
$ go install
Ion Web Framework

Ion is a small web framework for Go that I started for other personal project, because I wanted a higher level of control, and easy of use than what other frameworks provide.

With Ion is very easy to get started, just use standard net/http handlers. For more advanced features Ion provides you with a shared context, middlewares, session management and a very simple "View Controller" framework (bring your own models).

It should be said that Ion is a work in progress, and that right now I could break things without warning, but it works, and I'm using it in a not so small personal project succesfully.

Other projects

GopherPaint (GopherGala 2015)

GopherPaint was my submit for the GopherGala hackaton. It allows you to transform a image to several paint styles. It uses Google Go to transform the images in the moment that you visit the page (I'm using the cheapest available instance, so if it hangs please refresh the page).

Some university projects

These are some of the projects in which I have participated.

Map of San Ramón (2011)

This is a virtual map with some zones of San Ramón. It was made in 2011 for the course of Geographic Information System at ITCR, with Rackel Barrios Elizondo.

Arduino Car (2013)

A car for the course of Digital Circuits at UCR. It can detect obstacles using a IR sensor, detect colors, etc.

LAN Chat (2014)

This is a LAN chat made in Java. It discovers another peers in the LAN with broadcast, and can chat with one or more peers in the LAN. Uses JavaFX.

Simple Billing System with MongoDB (2013)

A very simple billing system made with HTML, PHP and MongoDB. I also use AngularJS, Twitter Bootstrap and Silex.

Simulation for Operations Research course (2013)

This is a simulation for a project for Operations Research at UCR. It uses HTML, Javascript, AngularJS and Twitter Bootstrap.